Time. Money. A greater sense of consistency and accomplishment. The rewards of a more efficient court will impact team members and participants alike.

Where Will You Invest The Extra Hours?

When information passes automatically, meeting prep time is reduced exponentially. In turn, you fight fewer fires and can execute your vision for the court. And you’re not alone. Accountability Court Case Management facilitates maximum impact from each member of the team. Click a role to see how.


Success is defined by the momentum your court achieves. With immediate access to milestone rulings and up-to-date participant data, you keep the court on track, and FivePoint gives you the data to prove it.

Program Coordinators

As your court grows, there’s more room for little things to slip through the cracks. With FivePoint’s system, data-loss and duplication fears disappear. Automated notifications for incentives and sanctions let you steer things forward, not in a circle.

Treatment Providers

Charting participant progress is essential to effective rehabilitation. FivePoint helps you monitor each unique case with charts and graphs for every step. Built-in privacy and security measures ensure worry-free monitoring.


Court performance begins with admittance of the most eligible offenders. Potential participant histories help you start from the most advantageous position possible, and automated reports ensure truly progressive sanctioning. Most importantly, sophisticated reporting functions provide proof of performance.

Case Managers

You joined an accountability court to make a difference. With FivePoint’s digital system, the data reliability and consistency you need are guaranteed. The more busy-work is eliminated, the more your big picture contribution comes into focus.

Compliance Officers

Your input regarding participant progress is essential. Now, your observations can be confidently noted in a participant’s file. When considering treatment options, the team can’t miss your notes. Sanctions become easier to evaluate and enforce with data at your fingertips.

Public Defenders

Every court participant has the right to fair, consistent treatment. Real-time updates alert you to newly enforced sanctions, while consistent, detailed information fields provide a true portrait of participant offenses.



“Case management programs such as those developed by FivePoint help us better serve the citizens that entrust us with making good decisions in an economical and efficient manner. The number of participants in accountability courts is increasing, and it is important that the increased volume of data be managed accurately, thoroughly and quickly.”

The Honorable Brenda S. Weaver
Chief Superior Court Judge
Appalachian Judicial Circuit