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Are your document management solutions optimizing your court team’s workflow?

When your team can manage documents efficiently, you are mitigating risk. At FivePoint Solutions, we have developed the ultimate document management solutions designed to reduce labor and courier cost, control the life cycles of your documents, protect your data, and customize the software to your team’s unique needs.

Whether you are dealing with ineffective document management technology or you are preparing to make the switch from paper to digital, you need a proven system in place. The right solution with the right partner will set your team up for success. FivePoint’s Document Management Solutions, including our OnPoint Content Management & Workflow and OnPoint Contract Management tools, offer a seamless conversion process that is fully-customizable and helps your team members save time and money while increasing the effectiveness of what they do.

Revolutionize Your Team’s Workflow with Innovative Document Management

Time is money, and the more time your team spends on tasks, the less time they spend on other critical duties, and the more it costs your organization. At FivePoint Solutions, we make it easier than ever to leverage the latest technology to enhance your document management. Your team will benefit from on-site or off-site scanning and indexing, increased organization, top-level data security, and the digital conversions necessary to ensure critical information is accessible at a moment’s notice.

Plus, we have built-in features in our OnPoint Contract Management tool to help you stay up-to-date on necessary renewal dates and remain in compliance with standards, so you never miss the opportunity to renegotiate important contracts again.

Benefits of FivePoint Solutions

How can our solutions transform your team’s effectiveness? These are the benefits your team can expect to experience when you implement OnPoint Content Management & Workflow and OnPoint Contract Management:

  • Ancillary conversions such as microfilm to digital, microfilm to digital, and digital to microfilm
  • Available hosting and backup services to keep your system up and running at all times
  • Exponential storage capacity—never run out of storage again
  • Secure web logins for instant document access anywhere in the world
  • Role-based security and verification on each and every document
  • Existing software integration and retrieval across multiple document platforms
  • Automated workflow with user-defined reminders for contract negotiation and renewals
  • Expedite revenue realization
  • Accelerate retrieval and comparison via multiple query tools
  • Search and report capabilities across unlimited contract types

Learn more about how FivePoint’s Document Management Solutions can revolutionize your team’s workflow and overall effectiveness. Contact us today to schedule your free software demo.

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