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As a school threat assessment team, you need to have all of the critical information in one place, easy-to-access from anywhere, so you can maximize your school safety solutions. Not having an accurate and complete picture can make room for threats to the school environment. Let FivePoint Solutions make your team as effective and efficient as possible with our CaseWorx for Threat Assessment Teams and The Focal Point Federated Search Portal.

Your Threat Assessment Team Can’t Afford Mistakes

With something as critical as school safety, settling for outdated technology is no longer acceptable for threat assessment teams. Fortunately, the latest technology makes it easier for your team to keep schools safe. We have developed a customizable software solution that’s the first of its kind in the United States. The FivePoint School Safety Solution encompasses an online search portal and case management software, allowing threat assessment teams to query critical data aggregated from several key sources.

As a potentially life-saving technology, our solution unites data from disparate systems to make it meaningful for school safety-related decision making. It also offers a streamlined way to organize the process of managing a threat.  The result is a better informed, more effective threat assessment team and a safer school environment.

Features of FivePoint’s School Safety Solutions

Highlights of our CaseWorx for Threat Assessment Teams and The FocalPoint Federated Search Portal include:

  • Sole access to the system by a school-district-appointed threat assessment team
  • Easy assessment of data that facilitates a quick and measured response to potential threats to school safety
  • Full-compliance with State and Federal laws
  • A comprehensive view of multiple data sources, including state law enforcement, department of children and family, social media monitoring services, and more; the team can query these sources simultaneously at the time of an event
  • A dashboard showing timely and accurate results about the person(s) of interest; however, the information is never saved in a central repository
  • Case management software provides the team with a way to manage the assessment process through a personalized dashboard and automated workflows, identifying who to contact next and any necessary paperwork to complete

At FivePoint Solutions, we are dedicated to helping your threat assessment team keep schools safe. To learn more about our customized school safety solutions, or to schedule a free software demo, connect with us online now.

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