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To make your court as efficient as possible, you need a reliable and evergreen court case management and other court solutions designed to help all members of your team get on the same page with accurate information. Without the right software and tools, chaos ensues, and your team’s productivity suffers.

At FivePoint Solutions, we have developed our court solutions with each of your team members in mind. With our software and services, you will have a solid foundation for enhanced collaboration and information sharing, so you can get maximum impact from each member on your team.

What to Expect from FivePoint Solutions

With each and every service we provide, we focus on core competencies, including systems integration, data exchange, dashboards, federated searches, specialty court case management, document management and workflow, and conversion services.

As one of our clients, your court will experience significant savings of time and money and a greater sense of consistency and accomplishment with our court solutions. Your team members will no longer waste time on inefficient meeting prep and instead will work together seamlessly to execute your vision for how the court will function.

From judges, program coordinators, and treatment providers to prosecutors, case managers, compliance officers, and public defenders, each individual will benefit from increased productivity, up-to-date data, and time-saving automation. Your court will run like a well-oiled machine.

Specific Solutions Your Court Needs

When it comes to your customized court solutions, we’ve thought of it all. We will connect you to the streamlined services you need to leverage the latest in technology that will benefit all tasks related to your court. Solutions include:

  • CaseWorx for Treatment Courts
  • CaseWorx for Pretrial Services
  • The FocalPoint Dashboard for Criminal History
  • CaseWorx for Probation
  • Data Exchanges for Court Systems

Making your court more efficient and hassle-free is just one call away. Connect with the experts at FivePoint Solutions now to request a free software demo.

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