FocalPoint Threat Assessment Federated Search Portal

Does your threat assessment team have all of the information you need to protect your schools?

When your school safety threat assessment team doesn’t have the most relevant information at your fingertips, it’s easier for critical information to fall through the cracks. With The FocalPoint Threat Assessment Federated Search Portal from FivePoint Solutions, you can implement an enterprise-wide search system that helps each team member access the specific information they need when they need it.

Security and Support for All Team Members

Top organizational concerns for your school safety team include security, accessibility, and collaboration. Our innovative federated search portal meets each of these concerns and more. Being able to unify disparate information from multiple sources keeps all team members in the know, while the ability to assign permissions and roles within the system ensures only specific members have access to certain information. We’ve developed the ultimate tool to facilitate your best work as a team, so you can keep your schools safe and secure no matter what kind of threats may be looming.

Highlights of The FocalPoint Threat Assessment Federated Search Portal

What can you expect from FivePoint Solution’s customizable search portal? Explore the benefits of this innovative tool:

  • The first solution of its kind designed specifically for school safety in the United States
  • Web-based portal is accessible from anywhere at any time
  • Real-time federated query capability to one or multiple simultaneous disparate data sources
  • Role-based permissions which can be integrated with Active Directory or can use FocalPoint native built-in security
  • Streamlines data from disparate systems to make it meaningful for school safety-related decision making
  • Automated systems make it easier to organize the process of managing a school threat

Your threat assessment team is doing important work, which is why you need to be able to leverage the best solutions technology has to offer. Connect with our experts at FivePoint Solutions today to learn more about the groundbreaking FocalPoint Threat Assessment Federated Search Portal or to schedule a free software demo.

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"FivePoint Solutions was very professional and accommodating throughout the whole software development project."

Florida Dept. of Education