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Case Management, School Safety, & Law Enforcement Services and Solutions

It can sometimes feel like your court team members are all over the place, frantically trying to keep information straight and keep the various balls in the air. With streamlined programs from FivePoint Solutions, you can finally put an end to the juggling routine and make your team as effective and efficient as possible.

We’ve designed our services and solutions with your team’s productivity and success in mind. Over the years, we have identified the areas of weakness in existing technology and systems and have created new and improved solutions to help you work smarter, not harder.

Each of our services and solutions feature the latest technology and a higher level of insight from experts who understand the details of what you do. We cut out the chaos and confusion and bring clarity to your daily work tasks, so you can better meet the needs of your court, your clients, and the citizens that entrust you with making good decisions efficiently and economically.

Make the Most of Your Time and Resources

At FivePoint Solutions, our services include:

  • Law Enforcement Solutions: From officer safety and real-time crime center data management to investigation solutions and data exchanges, our law enforcement solutions allow your team members to spend less time entering and finding data and more time helping your participants to achieve their goals.
  • Court Solutions: Our court solutions encompass treatment courts, pretrial services, probation solutions, and data exchanges for court systems. With our software and services, you can eliminate confusion and ensure your team members have the information they need at their fingertips.
  • School Safety Solutions: Your threat assessment team deserves services and solutions that can help them to be as effective as possible to protect our schools. We provide customizable software solutions, including an online search portal and case management software, allowing your teams to query critical data aggregated from several key sources as well as manage threat assessment processes to keep students safer.
  • Document Management Solutions: We help you to identify your major pain points and then deliver the solutions you need to optimize your document management and conversion services. Our OnPoint software allows you to maximize the efficiency of content management, contract management, document conversion, and your team’s overall workflow.

Ready to see a demo of our innovative software solutions? Reach out to the team of experts at FivePoint Solutions online now.