Real-Time Crime Center

Discover the benefits of our Dashboard for Real-Time Crime Center

Law enforcement officers must have a clear picture of each case in order to stay safe and do their jobs effectively. Lack of critical information puts them at risk and can lead to mishandling of cases—both situations that your organization wants to avoid at all costs. FivePoint Solutions is here to keep your officers in-the-know with our Real-Time Crime Center solutions.

By taking advantage of our innovative FocalPoint Dashboard for Real-Time Crime Center (RTCC), you can ensure your officers are performing their duties with confidence, knowing they have all of the accurate information they need to do their jobs.

When Real-Time Doesn’t Mean Real-Time

Are you tired of complicated technology that should get you results, but instead leaves your officers lacking and vulnerable to mistakes? Let FivePoint Solutions change all of that for you. No more system glitches or outdated information to lead your officers down the wrong rabbit hole. Our experienced team is dedicated to making your law enforcement officers as effective and efficient as possible.

Your Officers Deserve the Best Real-Time Crime Center Solutions Tech Has to Offer

At FivePoint Solutions, our team is intimately familiar with the challenges your officers face, which is why we have worked diligently to develop The FocalPoint Dashboard for RTCC — a solution you can count on. We’ve filled in all the gaps and thought of it all to ensure your officers have the latest, most up-to-date information at all times.

Features of this dashboard include:

  • Custom, real-time dashboard views to RMS, CMS, JMS, and other customer systems via FocalPoint Hub
  • Desktop and web-based capability, so officers can access it from anywhere at any time
  • Role-based permissions you can integrate with your Active Directory or use with the FocalPoint native built-in security

Are you wondering how The FocalPoint Dashboard for Real-Time Crime Center can facilitate greater clarity, safety, and productivity for your officers? Contact FivePoint Solutions for your free software demo now.

RTCC Highlights

Auto Generated Reporting
Eliminate Duplicate Queries
Access Multiple Databases
Immediate Access for Field Officers